Memorial Plaques

Batstone Memorials makes an extensive range of granite memorial plaques.  Granite can withstand extreme weather conditions and is an enduring option for a memorial. The natural beauty and diversity of granite is shown in the range of colours we have available. Our dedicated staff advise on cemetery rules and regulations and assist with inscription wording and layout to ensure the memorial plaque commemorates your loved one perfectly.  Inscriptions and stone engraving is completed at our stonemasonry factory in Brisbane, or if required on-site in the cemetery.  This ensures a close eye for quality is kept on all stages of the manufacturing process.  Batstone Memorials installs lawn cemetery plaques in Brisbane Cemeteries, Gold Coast Cemeteries and surrounding areas.  Collambarium wall plaques are available and we also manufacture plaques for the Pacific Islands. 


Granite Colours

Granite Headstone Colours
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