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One of Brisbane's oldest memorial stands in Mowbray Park Brisbane and was built by William Alfred Batstone.  Time-honoured values combined with quality stonemasonry resonate with our history to make memorials that endure.  Our family have been making monuments in Queensland since 1885 when William Batstone opened his stonemasonry workshop in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.  From this humble workshop he was commissioned to carve statues for Queensland State Monuments and memorials that are still visited and admired today.  Currently in our fifth generation the Batstone family continue to create headstones and plaques that are a place of remembrance and come with many interesting stories. 

Mowbray Park Memorial 

It is an honour to mark 100 years since the laying of the Foundation Stone of this memorial to those who served in the First World War.  It says a great deal about Queenslanders and our fidelity to the memory of the fallen, that this fine memorial, built in stone, endures today

Governor of Queensland 2016 

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