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About Us

Our family have been making enduring headstones and plaques in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for nearly 130 years.  Currently in our fifth generation we pride ourselves on combining time-honoured values with superior craftsmanship to create memorials that are enduring. We are dedicated to preserving classic stonemasonry techniques and combining them with new technology to offer our clients a diverse range of headstones and plaques.


With Ray Batstone at the helm, Batstones Memorials contributes significantly to the stonemasonry industry throughout Queensland and Ray's dedication to the stonemasonry trade has seen him train over 40 apprentice stonemasons to date.  We have a loyal and dedicated team, with some working with Batstones for over 30 years - completing their stonemasonry apprenticeship with Batstones and pursuing their career with our family business.


Ray Batstone Snr


Phoebe Batstone 

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